Monaco Grand Prix

One of the best and undoubtedly the most well known races in the world is the Monaco Grand Prix. It is a prestigious Formula One race and has been held annually since its inaugural year in 1929. The crowd is made up of viewers and fans from every corner of the Earth. This race takes place throughout an entire weekend, and the course is made up of the streets of Monte Carlo.

As the name suggests, the race is held in Monaco. The course itself is narrow and challenging and certainly not for the faint of heart. It is actually considered one of the most difficult in the world with different elevations, sharp turns and unexpected elements. It is actually such a valuable and rare course that it is an exception to the typical and regulated 305 km minimum distance for races in the Formula One series. Racers have to complete nearly 80 laps of the circuit to successfully complete the race. The participants include drivers from all over the world, and has had some of the most prestigious and notable drivers in the world. To watch the race, there are stands built around the circuit, at different points, mainly around the harbour. This allows viewers a good view of what is going on and of the race.

The Monaco Grand Prix is an eloquent and sophisticated race, but was it always that way? Not exactly; it originated as part of the Second World War European Championship and then gained enough popularity to be included in both the World Championship of Drivers in 1950, as well as the European Grand Prix two years between 1955 and 1965. Since then, it gained enough notoriety and popularity to be a standalone race which draws hundreds of thousands of global fans every year.

The race itself is run and operated by the Automobile Club de Monaco and differs in some ways from other Grand Prix races that exist today and all over the world. Some of how it differs include the day on which the practice race is held, as well as the actual start time of the race. The exact length of the race varies from other Grand Prix races as well.

If you have ever had the privilege of watching, enjoying and taking in the race, whether in person or from the comfort of home, perhaps you did not know what actually goes into the organizing and setting up of the race. It takes just over six weeks to set up the track and prepare for all that the race entails, as well as almost a month after the race to completely tear it down and clean up.

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