Top Tips on How to Maintain Racing Cars

The type of car you plan to race with may affect your performance. However, even with the best car model that is not in the best mechanical condition, it is not easy to win a car race. Therefore, motorsport racers have to maintain their vehicles in the right shape.

In this post, we’ve highlighted some of the critical maintenance tips of a racing car.

Cleaning and Inspecting Shock Absorbers

Since motorsport racing is a speed competition, drivers barely observe potholes and other road conditions that cause the shocks absorbers to wear out quickly. Regular checking the absorbers is essential to ensure they are in the right working condition. After a competition, the absorbers should be removed, cleaned and inspected. Check if the shafts are dented or have dings and bends.

Radiator Cleaning

A radiator is an integral part of a car. If the radiator fails to function well, the engine may heat up, causing it to knock. Therefore, always inspect for leaks, hose clamps as well as the hoses themselves. Besides, clean your radiator regularly. Since most motorsport races are on muddy roads, the radiator may be full of dirt. You can use a pressure cleaner to get rid of the mud.

Bolt Run

Before you get into a race, you have to ensure all bolts are tight. Using a wrench, you can check loose bolts and tighten them. Rugged roads and the high speed of racing can cause most bolts to loosen after a race. Hence tightening them regularly is critical.

Brake Bleeding

When washing your cars, mainly using pressure cleaning machines, moisture could be trapped in your car’s system. Therefore, brake bleeding can help to remove the trapped moisture. Besides, when the brakes heat, the brake fluid starts to break down. Bleed regularly to keep fresh fluid in your system.

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