Racing Gear

Depending on the class, series, region and several other factors, there is special gear and equipment required for drivers. This equipment, as with many different sports, is necessary for safety and efficacy, as well as for promotional purposes. Some of the most common racing equipment includes:

  • Helmets; protecting one’s head from trauma and injuries is essential in any sport, especially when travelling at speeds of hundreds of kilometres per hour under different and unpredictable circumstances.
  • Gloves; gloves help with protection and aid drivers to maintain control and keep their hands on the wheel. Gloves can also protect wrists from impact.
  • Protective pants and jackets; this gear is padded and designed to keep driver’s bodies and extremities intact, in the case of an accident or in the case that a car breaks.
  • Sponsorship gear; most drivers are sponsored by one, if not several companies and as such, put logos, names and colours of these companies on their car, their gear and any apparel worn away from the race track.
  • Boots; closed toe shoes are imperative, and boots that protect drivers’ ankles and toes in the case of an accident are also crucial for driver safety.

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