Most Expensive Race Cars

The most expensive race in the world was deemed as such, because of the cars which participated. The Kinrara Trophy was a one hour race valued at over $260 million. The vehicles that partook in the competition were each valued at an average of around nine million US dollars. Some of these, known as some of the most expensive race cars included:

  • Four Aston Martin DB4GTs
  • Two different Austin Healey 3000 cars
  • Two AC Cobras
  • One Maserati 3500GT
  • There were eight Jaguars, of varying models
  • 11 Ferraris, mostly 250 series

The race was exciting for fans and was notable for its extraordinary value and skilled drivers.

Some other expensive, fast and over the top cars suitable for racing and reaching incredible speeds, many of which are unknown to most people, unless they are racing enthusiasts, or have significant amounts of money, include the following:

  • Hennessey Venom GT; this car has the same body as the more commonly known Lotus, and is actually known as the currently fastest and most powerful car in the world. With seven litres and a turbo V8, this beast can reach speeds up to nearly 275 km/h.
  • Zenvo; this is the only Danish supercar manufacturer and is one of the longest standing, having strived to develop and work out kinks over the past decade, to be able to create cars which are worth millions of dollars and that can reach hundreds of kilometres per hour.
  • Ferrari LaFerrari; this vehicle, along with the two named above, is the third of what is fondly known as the holy trinity of supercars. The car has been on and off production, with the hard top model having been discontinued after the production and release of only 500 units. However, the car is back and better than ever, with an open top design. This is one of the top ten most expensive cars in the world, so it isn’t a family car for just anyone.
  • Pagani Roadster; having a V12 engine and the second fastest lap recorded (road legal), this car is a triple, or maybe more a quadruple threat, being powerful, fast, stunning to look at and handles like a dream, or so we have heard. This powerhouse doesn’t run cheap; in fact, it is one of the top five most expensive cars which money can buy. There are not many on the market, so on top of being expensive, they are also hard to come by.

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