Risks and Dangers of Auto Racing

Auto racing is a sport which, as with many other competitions, has quite a few risks and dangers associated with it, for those who participate and practice the sport. Some of which include:

  • Accidents; accidents are a risk for drivers of all different types of races and classes. For closed circuits, there are sharp turns and narrow roads, as well as several competitors driving at the same time, which presents a significant and real risk of crashing into each other. Open races and those on outdoor roads have the same risk, as well as increased dangers through being exposed to things such as trees, rocks and other obstacles.
  • Natural elements; many different races take place outdoors and are therefore subject to natural and uncontrollable factors, such as wet roads, bumpy roads, rain, heat, blinding sun and other conditions that present risks to drivers and races.
  • Car and technical issues; cars, on any day, are at risk of things such as explosions, malfunctions and even minor problems. Add extreme speeds, powerful engines and other racing conditions, and the risk of any part of a car malfunctioning presents a real threat to drivers.

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