BMW 3 Series

The 3 Series, a renowned series of cars, one of the most popular and reliable in racing, has also been one of the longest standing racing cars. Manufactured by BMW, the 3 Series was first brought to the market in 1975 as a subsidiary and was actually the successor of the original 2 Series. Since having been put on the market, it has become, and still is, the best selling model which BMW manufactures, making up about one-third of its global sales. The car has also won countless awards over the years. Since it followed in the mighty footsteps of the 2 Series, it has become so popular that there have been seven very different generations of the car.

First Generation

The first generation was, as with many cars of the time, a two-door. There is, however, now a four-door version of the car, as well as other models, including the coupe (two-door) convertible, and even a five-door 3 Series as well.

Second Generation

The second generation of the 3 Series came to market in 1982 and was developed over the next five years, with a four-door model in 1983, and the convertibles brought to market in 1985, though these were introduced as leisure vehicles, not for racing.

Third Generation

The third generation was the first to have an automatic transmission and had some improvements to the engine design.

Fourth Generation

The fourth generation 3 Series introduced digital displays and electronic brakes, among other features which made this car even better for races, especially in terms of handling. Demand went up for this car for racers and competitive drivers from all corners of the Earth.

Fifth Generation

The fifth generation of the 3 Series was the first turbocharged vehicle to have a gas-powered engine, and also introduced a new concept to the automotive world, which was the run flat tires.

Sixth Generation

With minor, mostly cosmetic updates to the fifth generation, the sixth generation is the current model of the 3 Series.

Seventh Generation

The seventh most recently unveiled generation of the 3 Series was first displayed publically in 2018 and will be brought to the market shortly.

Some generations of the 3 Series are more favoured for racing purposes, depending on the type of race and preference of the driver. Many enjoy the third generation for racing purposes, while others prefer the newer models. These cars are powerful and can be modified and produced to complete everything, from laps of circuit races to the rigours of drag and off-road racing. The diversity of these amazing cars are one of the many reasons they have long been seen as the ultimate racing car, in all their generations.

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