Most Unique and ‘Coolest’ Race Cars of all Time

Top Gear is a popular, and occasionally controversial, show and website which you may or may not know, but reviews all kinds of cars, from the fastest to the oldest, to the most unique. Here are some of the vehicles that have made it onto the show, and definitely belong on the list of some of the coolest of all time:

  • McLaren MP4; what would a top list of renowned race cars be without an appearance from the infamous McLaren? This car races in the F1 series and won all of the races except one in the memorable 1988 championship. This car was, and is, driven by some of the top names in the game and some of the legends of the sport.
  • Porsche 917; this car was one which tested the limits and rules of the Canadian American Challenge cup, otherwise known as the Can-Am. This car took the cake at the competition and won three-quarters of the races in this challenge. Maybe it was the giant, powerful engine, or perhaps the twin turbos.
  • Maserati 250; this was the car which took home two world championships and was one of Maserati’s first and most defining Formula One cars. This front engine beast arguably put Maserati on the map and received rave reviews from several different drivers, including legends such as Juan Manuel Fangio.
  • Ferrari P4; this car was released following the year in which Ford swept the Le Mans race, and was created to reclaim its title and prestigious place at the top race in the world.
  • Lancia Stratos; this makes the list of coolest race cars, and possibly coolest cars ever, if for no other reason than the fact it was uniquely designed for rally races and specifically for these unique type of events. Bertone owns the bragging rights to having been the ones to develop this impressive vehicle.

Many other cars could, and arguably should make the list as there have been countless innovations in the automotive world, as the field and world of racing have challenged the limits of what a car can do, look like and achieve. It is exciting to think about how automobiles and races will continue to evolve.

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